Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental x-rays are used for diagnosing and treating dental problems, such as cavities between the teeth or hidden by fillings, infections in the bone, fractures, gum disease, abscesses, cysts, and tumors. Professional standards of dentistry include x-rays as part of a dental exam. 

Facts about x-rays: 

  • Many dental offices offer digital radiography advancements in x-rays that reduce radiation by as much as 80 percent 
  • Improved x-ray film requires less exposure for clear images 
  • X-rays have about as much radiation as eating 50 bananas 
  • Flying from New York to LA exposes you to 8 times as much radiation 
  • Living in a brick or concrete house for a year exposes you to 14 times as much radiation 

You need just 6 x-rays each year for an oral exam and a set of full-mouth x-rays every 3 years. And dentists use x-rays to diagnose the problems they can’t see with the naked eye, and is crucial to maintain optimal teeth, muscle, jaw and bone health.

Justin Wood

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