How to Keep Your Teeth White & Still Drink Coffee

For all the coffee lovers out there, it’s hard to think about giving up this energy sustaining beverage to prevent tooth discoloration. It’s no secret that regularly drinking coffee can stain your teeth but there are ways to prevent those nasty long-term effects.

What causes the discoloration? Tannins, which are the staining substances in coffee, build upon the tooth enamel. Don’t be fooled into thinking that simply adding milk to your coffee will reduce damage, as the milk doesn’t reduce the number of tannins and contains sugars that can increase plaque on your teeth.

Here are 8 ways to fight back against coffee stains

1. Use a Straw
You can limit the coffee that encounters the most visible portions of your teeth. While your molars will still be stained, the forward-facing side of your front teeth will be saved from direct contact with tannins. However, it is easy to burn yourself drinking coffee through a straw and you may even develop the same wrinkles around the mouth that smokers suffer from.

2. Drink More Iced Coffee
Iced coffee is less likely to stain your teeth than hot coffee, especially if you use a straw to drink your iced coffee.

3. Drink Decaffeinated Coffee
Decaffeinated coffee has less staining properties than fully caffeinated coffee.

4. Drink Water Between Beverages That Stain
Help flush the coffee out of your mouth by rinsing your teeth. Water will also help dissolve and remove sugars from sweet beverages.

5. Use Non-Sugary Additives
While many coffee additives are high in sugar, other options, like unsweetened almond milk and ice, can dilute the staining properties of coffee.

6. Brush Your Teeth Regularly
Practicing good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent coffee stains. In addition, flossing will remove the particles that cause staining between the teeth.

7. Chew Sugar-free Gum
Chewing sugarless gum after drinking coffee will kick your increase your saliva
production. The gum will pull debris off your teeth while the saliva washes away sugar and neutralizes the acid.

8. Use In-Home Whitening Products
Whitening toothpaste can help counteract the discoloring effects of your daily diet, lightening your teeth by targeting surface stains. Another good option is tooth strips which keep peroxide on the teeth longer than toothpaste does.

8. Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened
Over time, your teeth with naturally discolor at different rates. For the best results, visit a cosmetic dentist to have your teeth professionally whitened.


The best way to prevent discoloration from drinking coffee is simply to reduce the amount of coffee you drink. But no one wants to do that! Instead, use these tips to keep those teeth as white as they can be!

Most importantly, regular appointments with your dentist are the best-proven way to ensure that your teeth are healthy and white. Between visits, focusing on good oral hygiene is vital to ensuring that your smile remains beautiful. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer